Fred’s Experience

Fred Hornbruch

     Fred Hornbruch has been running his own businesses since the age of ten, to working for Procter & Gamble in New York City out of Yale, to co-founding Creative Publications, Inc. out of Stanford, to his 'retirement' at the age of 39 to travel, triathlon and ultra-trail run around the world, to owning Phileas Fogg’s Travel Bookstore & Travel Agency, to his 2nd ‘retirement’ at age 59, to sitting on numerous for-profit and non-profit Boards, to consulting with businesses domestically and internationally.

     He has been involved with the Yale, Stanford, YMCA, Early Learning Institute, Rotary International, Citizens Schools,, La Comida de California and the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, which has this to say about Fred:

“He has been an engaged entrepreneur since his youth,
is a travel expert, an ocean swimmer, kayaker and
outrigger canoe racer, a former amateur underwater
photographer and an all-around ocean lover. He has
completed many ultra-events, including the Hawaiian
Ironman and Ultraman Triathlons and the Western
States and Leadville 100-Mile Trail Endurance Runs
and the Queen Lilioukalani Outrigger Canoe Race in Kona, Hawaii.”

Download Fred’s Resume: PDF format